Historically, in times of turmoil and transition, women leaders have played pivotal roles in creating pathways to new possibilities, both locally and globally.

Today is a time like no other that needs such transformative women leaders.

Our present reality requires women with the courage to step within themselves to rescript their own story and to step beyond established boundaries to write new rules and enact a regenerative future for humanity.

The Embodying Transformative Leadership Residency is a weekend-long leadership training intensive designed to inspire, empower, and teach women how to fully embody and enact the change they are committed to creating in the world.


In the spirit of spring and the energy of renewal, we invite women from all over the world to join us in June to renew their commitment to leadership.


What is Embodied Transformative Leadership?

Embodied Transformative Leadership is a powerful set of practices sourced from over 30 years of combined direct leadership experience in the fields of personal development, and collective transformation on the global and local level.

It is based on the synthesized methodologies of Ozioma Egwuonwu and Dr. Rama Mani.

Theatre of Transformation Developed by Dr. Rama Mani activates your full human potential and unleashes your unique creativity as transformative leaders to transcend today’s crises to envision and enact our shared future.

Through its catalytic four-step process you will:  

1.Witness Reality: to rediscover your true purpose and capacity to reshape reality

2. Awaken Possibility: to unleash your full human and creative potential

3. Envision Change: to realize the optimal vision for the world and for yourself. 

4. Enact Transformation: to be a fully embodied transformative leader who actualizes your vision of change in your life and for our world.

This Methodology was developed by Rama at the University of Oxford’s Enacting Global Transformation Initiative convened by her. It draws on her 30 + years of expertise in global governance, peacebuilding and strategic leadership on all continents, and was shaped in collaboration with eminent academic, political, corporate, civic and cultural leaders worldwide. Rama has taught the Transformative Leadership curriculum worldwide to senior leaders in the UN, business, governments, civil society and academia with great impact.

Transformational Mastery Developed by Ozioma Egwuonwu inspires and invites you to embrace and embody the greatest expression of your highest visionary potential. Create a new story for your life, work and our world.

Through this process, you will learn how to wield 5 transformative powers:

1. The Power of Transformative Clarity...See who you REALLY are. Learn how to enhance your desired future.

2. The Power of Transformative Confidence...Develop your core. Transform Your Presence.

3. The Power of Transformative Compassion...Open and own your own heart. Be an ally to yourself and others.

4. The Power of Transformative Courage...Face your biggest fears. Dissolve the power they hold over you.

5. The Power of Transformative Connection...Expand your notion of “Network.” Request and receive support.

This Methodology is informed by Ozioma's experience as a Senior level Strategy Executive and global change agent. It draws its foundation from her keynotes and seminars delivered at the United Nation's Commission on the Status of Women, and her bestselling book The MasterPlan Method.

What You Will Experience:

Your Transformational Journey

Together with women leaders from around the world, you will embark on a heroine's journey of transformation. 

We will begin with an opening session on transformative women’s leadership at the United Nations in Geneva, followed by lunch at the UN.

We will then transfer for the residency to the scenic location of 'Home for Humanity,' a multicultural farmhouse couched in pristine nature in the Jura mountains in rural France one hour from Geneva.

Through experiential and creative exercises, journaling, deep visioning, and communing with nature, as well as empowerment practices, we will evoke a “new becoming” that will shift the trajectory of both your personal and our global reality, as you recognize and expand your ability to shape the future.

You will discover your capacity to shape the future based on your intentions and visions. We will envision together the optimal future we desire and recognize the contribution each of us can make to creating it.

You will culminate your journey by ‘Enacting Transformation’: stepping on stage for an embodied performance-cum-presentation of your vision and MasterPlan and receiving support and feedback from the group.

In our final closing circle, we will share our key learnings and insights on how we have been transformed by this journey, what we commit to, and how we will support each other in sustaining this inner and outer transformation.

What You Will Receive:

Your Transformational Takeaways

The combined Methodologies offered by Ozioma and Rama will support you in developing an embodied leadership presence that is unique to you. You will...

  • develop a Transformational MasterPlan: a comprehensive personal template for activating your desired future reality.
  • gain an unforgettable imprint of how your unique presence and contribution as an embodied transformative leader can reshape our shared future, and the steps to be taken to actualize this.  
  • learn transformational techniques that can be integrated into your daily life and work to ignite your own and your team’s highest potential.
  • be capacitated to evoke and actualize the optimal future, by initiating processes or undertaking changes required in your life, community, and organization that enhance you while enhancing our world.
  • be strengthened in your capacity to exude your personal leadership presence and to nurture the collective leadership our future needs.
  • learn how to pursue your highest purpose that gives you greatest fulfillment as a leader while serving the most pressing needs of humanity and the planet through your organizations and initiatives.
  • enhance your own presence and impact as an embodied transformative leader while simultaneously contributing to our shared future, through your unique work in the world.  

What Will Happen Next:

Your Journey Continues - [BONUS GIFTS]

At the end of the residency, each participant will commit to a personal terrain of Transformation, and a personal challenge that you desire to fulfill.

We will offer you the following experiences as our GIFTS to honor your commitment to your journey and to deepen your leadership presence:

Month 1: A Transformational Mastery group coaching call with Ozioma via a zoom video conference. A recording of the session will be offered for future reference (Mastermind.)

Month 2: A Transformative Leadership group mentoring call with Rama via zoom video conference. A recording of the session will be offered for future reference (Mentoring.)

Month 3: Evolutionary Coherence Group Call to share and celebrate your personal progress, impact and insights.

What You Will Contribute


In the spirit of spring and the energy of renewal, we invite women from all over the world to join us in June to renew their commitment to leadership.



The residency calls for your contribution of 450 Euros if you come alone and 350 if you come with a friend.

(For accommodation and food related costs, please, see below)

A significant portion of your contribution will directly support a grassroots women’s leadership initiative in India, and a community renewal project in the US, in which Ozioma and Rama are deeply involved through their non-profit organizations.

Theatre of Transformation

Project: 2019 Peace Mission to empower local women leaders in Mumbai’s slums

Theatre of Transformation Academy’s operational philosophy is creating circles of solidarity: nurturing transformation in our lives while simultaneously supporting transformation in the lives of others. As participants discover their shared humanity with ordinary-extraordinary others through our programmes, they feel called to contribute to their upliftment as a symbol of mutuality. 

A significant portion of your fees for this Residency will directly support the 2019 Peace Mission to India to empower the Slum Women’s Federation, CORO, Mumbai. Since 2015, Theatre of Transformation Academy has partnered with CORO and championed the remarkable slum women of Mumbai who transformed themselves from victims of daily violence to community leaders who are transforming society. (

World Dream Day

2019 PROJECT: Rising Dream Art Mural - Women Creators Inspiring New Realities

World Dream Day held on September 25th, is a global day of action dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals, families, schools, businesses, and communities to advance ideas, goals and dreams in service of positive future.

Every year, through live and online events, World Dream Day advances this mission

The theme for World Dream Day 2019 is “The Rising Dream.”

In 2015, the first Dream Mural was erected in Newburgh NY. It was created by a group of women leaders committed to inspiring a community in need of hope.

In 2016 for the 10th anniversary of the Global Mural Conference, a mural in honor of World Dream Day was created.

This 2019, in honor of this theme, we seek to create a mural will be donated to a community in need of visual inspiration.

Where The Journey Will Take You

The Transformative Venue:

*One hour from Geneva, as well as from Lyon and Annecy.*

‘Home for Humanity’ is the idyllic nature campus of Theatre of Transformation Academy. It is a living sanctuary and cultural ‘artelier’ in the midst of nature in rural France, just one hour from Geneva. It is the exquisite and rejuvenating site of transformative local-global events, seminars and courses geared towards envisioning and enacting human and global transformation.

The living philosophy that animates Home for Humanity reflects that of ancient and indigenous cultures: The world is a single family; all of creation is our kin: Vasudeva Kutumbakam, Mitakuye Oyasin. The Home for Humanity experience is what it implies. ‘Home’ implies that all people, of all backgrounds and cultures are welcomed as honored members of the family of life. Humanity is understood as indissociable from all of creation of which human beings are an integral part.


A key ingredient of the Home for Humanity experience is the food, for we are what we eat, and we want the food we share here to nourish deeply your transformative journey.

All Meals are organic, home-made, local, multi-cultural and largely vegetarian.

The welcome dinner is a home-made Indian meal cooked personally by Rama, as a Home for Humanity tradition. A combination of Ayurvedic principles and Dr. Thomas Rau’s Swiss Biological hypoallergenic diet is observed to contribute to your optimal wellbeing.

You would be asked for a contribution of 150 Euros to cover all meals, tea/coffee breaks, and housekeeping costs.


You will choose your own accommodation from a range of charming local bed and breakfasts (Gites) we have reserved for you close to Home for Humanity, offering single, double or triple rooms according to your budget. Accommodation is roughly 30 to 60 Euros per night.

‘For first time visitors to the area, this is a wonderful opportunity to stay longer to explore this magnificent historic region, and discover Geneva, the world’s humanitarian capital, Lyon, France’s culinary and culture capital, and Annecy, the exquisite Venice of France, all located just one hour from Home for Humanity.

Welcome Home!

Get ready for a unique transformative space and experience.

Who Will Guide Your Journey

Dr. Rama Mani

Dr. Rama Mani is a transformative leader, peacebuilder and performance artist whose purpose is to catalyze human and global transformation to shape our shared future. She received the 2018 Excellence in Leadership Award of the Global Thinkers Forum in the UK, and the 2013 Peter Becker Peace Prize in Germany in Germany. She is the Founder of Theatre of Transformation Academy, and the Convenor of the Enacting Global Transformation Collaborative Initiative at the University of Oxford’s Centre for International Studies. She is the Co-Founder of Rising Women Rising World, with Prof. Jean Houston and Dr. Scilla Elworthy, and Councilor of the World Future Council. Formerly, she was the Executive Director of the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Sri Lanka and Director of the Global Peace and Security Course at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. In addition to these leadership positions, Rama also spearheaded strategic change as a Board member of numerous global institutions, including Foundation for the Future, UNESCO-International Centre for Human Sciences and Academic Council on the UN System. Rama has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Cambridge, UK, and an M.A. in International Affairs from Johns Hopkins University, USA.

According to the European Business Review, Rama ‘combines art with politics… to activate diverse audiences around the world to become co-creators of positive change’.* Rama has performed at global summits worldwide, and offered groundbreaking courses, seminars and keynotes at the invitation of the UN and prestigious international, humanitarian, cultural and academic institutions on all continents. Since launching Theatre of Transformation in 2014, she has offered over 100 exclusive, tailor-made performances and masterclasses around the world, creating circles of solidarity between diverse people and cultures. Passionate about championing local changemakers and amplifying the visions and wisdom of grassroots communities to shape our future, she devotes her earnings to support Theatre of Transformation Academy’s pro bono transformative initiatives and peace missions in crisis-affected countries.

*European Business Review, Female Leaders in Our Times’ 11 April 2016:

Ozioma Egwuonwu

Ozioma Egwuonwu is an internationally acclaimed speaker, transformational strategist, and best-selling author. She is the founder of BurnBright International, a transformational consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses, as well as emerging and established leaders activate their full potential.

Ozioma has solved complex strategic problems for a diverse array of clients across a number of product and service categories including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, small business owners, and a variety of personal development clients seeking to tap into a higher order of excellence and deliver dynamic breakthrough results.

She has shared her wisdom at the United Nations, and a variety of other global platforms including the United Nations, SXSW Interactive and TEDx, and Oxford University and Columbia University. She has also been honored as an innovator on NBC, and made guest appearances on CBS, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, Time Warner Cable and the Houses of Parliament and written for numerous publications, including Huffington Post and other media platforms.

Ozioma's personal and professional mission is to support individual and collective transformation through awakening and activating the higher dreams of humanity.